Own a Slice of it! lead a life by design rather than by default!!

You can book a Slice consisting of 14 Kathas land (10080) Sq. Ft.

Just for a down payment of Rs 10.5 Lacs only

Periphery: 100 feet x 100 feet (400 running feet) border created with hedge plants with towering palms and glorious cycads alongside.

Road and Pathways:  12 feet wide road for entry of vehicles and 3 feet wide walkways,laid with paver blocks decorated with ornamental hedges and plants on both the sides. (approx. 1.5 Katha)

Grass Lawn:  1 Katha (720 Sq.Ft.) Grass Lawn

Lily Pond & Rock Garden: 0.5 Katha (360 Sq. Ft.) land would have water body, with ornamental fish, lotus and lily. A rockery with miniature mountain and water fall would be created as per Vastu on North East.

Space for Building: 2 Kathas (1440 sq. ft.) would be earmarked for construction of a 1000 sq. ft. holiday home as per buyer’s requirement.
*Cost of Bungalow not included, however recommended designs are available on demand.

Fruit Garden: 5 Kathas (3600 sq. ft.) would have more than 50 spices of native and exotic fruit and spices plants ready to harvest.

Fragrant Garden: 1 Katha (720 Sq. Ft.)would have choicest plants of best fragrant flowers and spread aroma.

Kitchen Garden: 3 Kathas (2160 sq. ft.) would have vegetable, spice and condiment garden with several types of seasonal and perennial vegetables.

Irrigation : Controlled irrigation system with dripper and sprinklers would ensure proper irrigation as per weather requirement.

Maintenance* : Expert horticulture team would undertake maintenance of entire garden round the year to ensure a beautiful greenery all the time.

Security* : General security would ensure that nothing is plucked from your garden by unauthorized sources.

* To be charged on actuals

Pricing : A Slice of 14 katha (10080 Sq. Ft.) Rs. 42 Lacs.

25% Payable on Booking and balance in 36 equal monthly installments.