Why Vastu Shastra is followed at Green Paradise

The total set up of Green Paradise is entirely based upon the spirit of Vastu Shastra. The Vastu Shastra is an environmental science based on century old empirical studies on man and nature. It has been observed that the influence of all the celestial body of the universe including the Sun, the Moon and the Stars have some direct and positive impact on the Earth and its magnetic poles. They in turn provide intrinsic balance invisible to Nature and the man from the time immemorium.

Now by further connecting with the said same intrinsic balance in nature following the principles of the Vastu Shastra man can enjoy ensuring better health, improved relations and enhanced well-being.

Keeping all the positive and potential quality of the Vastu Shastra in view, the Dreamer of Green Paradise has drawn his plan accordingly based upon the basic principle and philosophy of environmental science so much so that each and every unit of the residential block could get maximum benefits from the century-old empirical science being developed in India.

Here in Green Paradise all 200 units residential blocks shall be developed exclusively on the principle and philosophy of the Vastu Shastra when all sorts of the plantation shall be made per excellence of the environmental science. A few of such mention shall be as under:

  1. Kanakchampa in the North brings fortune and wealth.
  2. Plants like Neem,Bilwa,Pakur, Peepal planted in proper direction bring favour and fortune.
  3. Water body in North or North East with lotus is for fortune and favour.
  4. Bamboo should be avoided as far as possible with in the boundary of the Residential complex as they generate enmity all the way.
  5. Thorny cactus plants are always discouraged in the premise as they aredangerous and harmful.
  6. Auspicious rays from the celestial body should be assured as much as they could since theybring both favour and fortune.
  7. Tulsi (Basil) has a very positive influence on health, hence it is a very welcomed plant with the residential areas.
  8. It is always desirable to put someSansevieria plant as it enormously helps purifying the air so much so that the entire premise will remain pollution free all the time.

There are many other things which are required to be maintained for overall favour and fortune of the individual and the family and they shall be well considered while designing residential compound in Green Paradise.

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