Green Paradise is located at one of the most serene villages of South 24 Paraganas. A very peaceful locality with very respectable Hindu population. villages of South 24 Paraganas, named Bhagabatipur. A very peaceful locality with very respectable Hindu population.

Easily reachable within one and a half hour from Kolkata. It is 53 Kms. from Ruby crossing on E.M. Bye Pass, 56 Kms from Thakurpukur Bazar and 62 Kms from Alipore.

How to Reach by car

From Ruby Crossing – Proceed Garia, Kamalgachi and straight to Laksmikantpur

From Baruipur – Travel via Rajpur to Joynagar&Bishnupur – Laksmikantpur

From Joynagor – Proceed straight to Laksmikantpur

From Laksmikantpur – Proceed towards Kulpi, after 1 km arrive Poler Hat

Poler Hat Crossing – take Dholahat Road, go 3 km towards Dhola.

From Kulpi – Come to Poler Hat and take Dholahat Rd, proceed 3 km.

From Esplanade – Come to D.H. Road via Alipore and proceed towards Thakurpukur Bazar.

From Thakurpukur Bazar – Proceed on NH 117 (D.H. Road) towards Amtolla.

From Amtolla – Proceed on NH 117 (D.H. Road) and come up to Serakole. Now proceed via Diamond Harbor or via Usti.

From Serakole – You can proceed in 2 ways to come to Hotuganj.

  • Via Usti – (Serakole-Hotuganj – 19km)
  • Via Diamond Harbor (Serakole – Hotuganj – 25 Km)

From Usti – Come to Hotuganj and on NH 117 to Kulpi 7 km

From Hotuganj– Proceed on NH 117 and come to Kulpi

From Kulpi proceed towards Laxmikantpur and come to Poler Hat. Take Dhola Road and come to the site after 3 Kms


  • Booking for Slices of Green Paradise begins in January 2016
  • Elevation & dressing of land in 2016 up to mid-2017
  • Plantation and infrastructural development 2017 & mid-2018
  • Institute be ready for classes towards end 2018
  • Major infrastructural work in 2019
  • Handing over of Individual Slices to begin in 2018
  • 100% completion of project by 2020