Green Paradise

Prakriti Bandhu Society, has come up with a most sought after environmental project in a country side South 24 Paraganas, a district of South West Bengal on a Hundred Acres land.

The project, perceived by Dinesh Rawat, would have many aspects which would enrich environment and inspire people to respect environment and live in harmony with Nature.

Entire campus will be landscaped in most ecological and sensuous manner with all together 2500 species of plants including tall & grown up trees and palms.

  1. There would be an Institute offering 2 Year Diploma and also short cources of 3 months,6 months and 1 year in Applied Horticulture & Landscaping where 30 students would be enrolled every 3 Month.
  2. There would be a Green Memorial Garden where people would be motivated to plant a tree of their choice in memory of their loved ones and on important days like birthday, winning day, wedding etc.
  3. Trips would be organised daily for 300 school children and botany students by bus as “Environment Education Study Tour”
  4. Campus would have herbal & medicinal garden, flowering tree garden, palm garden, spice garden, fruit orchard, palm grove, rain forest, mangrove forest, healing garden with walking tracks.
  5. About 50 Acre would be earmarked for sale to private owners in blocks of 10080 sq. ft. with a developed garden having 50 species of fruits, 20 types of spices, 25 species of fragrant flowers, a kitchen garden with vegetables.
  6. Entire campus will have high class automated irrigation and organic fertigation system; even private gardens would be maintained by experts on annual contracts basis


A life in Harmony with Nature

A Hundred Acre serene eco-space free from all sorts of pollution, a pleasing nature’s paradise.

  • Landscaped with choicest tall palms & trees.
  • Clean Lakes and canals.
  • Wide roads and pathways.
  • Efficient drainage system.
  • Fruit Gardens laden with over 50 varieties of fruits.
  • Spice Garden with more than 25 varieties of spices.
  • Herbal Garden with over 200 types of medicinal plants.
  • Palm Garden with 200 types of native and exotic Palms.
  • Palm Groves with Foxtail & Royal Palm.
  • Tropical Rain Forest and Walkway.
  • Birds and Butterfly Park.
  • Mangrove Forest with Water Palms.