Unprecedented in history, the gathering of 150 Heads at Paris Climate Summit 2015 speaks of the gravity of the situation.

Can these agreements save the Earth? Can we expect Politicians and the Corporates, who are ruling the world today, to give up their agenda of pseudo development and pure consumerism?

The smog which is choking life in Beijing and Delhi is not too far away from other cities of the world.

Are we going in the right direction environmentally by rolling more and more automobiles, laying more and more highways, enlarging airports and adding fleets of aircraft?

Can we really thrive on multi-storied apartments with persistent threats of earthquakes and shrinking sources of drinking water?

We can see how our cities get chocked up with heavy rains and smog. Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai are recent examples.

How far can we go on with poisonous foods with chemicals on it? How long can we survive the contaminated atmosphere and arsenic water?

We are almost on the edge of a Total Global Disaster. All of our ‘development’ and ‘consumerism’ are depleting the available natural resourcesas never before.

We are just moving forward blindfold pretending as if we cannot see what is coming!

We speak of saving Mother Earth, but we have to really think about saving the human race on this planet. Can we really expect a solution without changing our life style?

Ours is an NGO that is realistically encouraging individuals, communities, and governments to embrace a green life style, is providing practical avenues to live in harmony with Nature.

Our most recent project “Green Paradise” has potential impetus to make cultural, social and environmental changes by creating hundreds of Green Entrepreneurs who in turn would help greening and building millions of gardens on this earth to restore her pristine beauty and glory.

To make school children love nature and adopt an eco-friendly life style, we plan to encourage Entertaining Environmental Education Tours, and invitenature lovers to mark important days of their life by planting thousands of trees. We intend to create a bio-diversity park in proximity of Sundarbans to be a real Nature’s Treasure which would inspire millions to Go Green.


Project Green Paradise

Our NGO has come up with an environmental project on a Hundred Acres land in the countryside of South 24 Paraganas, a district of South West Bengal.


As conceived by our NGOthe project will have many aspects which will enrich the environment and inspire people to respect Nature and live in harmony with it.The entire campus will be landscaped in the most ecological and sensuous manner supporting nearly 2500 species of plants including tall and grown up trees and palms. Everything will be done to make the envisaged project the mossought after man-made natural habitat.


  1. Institute of Applied Horticulture & Landscaping

To make it sustainable, this project will house an Institute that will offer 3 Month, 1 Year and 2 Year Diploma in Applied Horticulture & Landscaping (DAHL) where 30 students would be enrolled every 3 months. The speciality of training would be that one session of lectures would be in class rooms and other session in the field. The Entrepreneurship training will be such as to makethe trainees select a green business. They will be imparted sufficient training and exposure in commercial and marketing technologies. They can venture into organic farming, open local level training institutes, establish ornamental plant nurseries, become providers of garden maintenance services, landscaping services, tree plantation services, export of plants. And those who prefer to work for others will have enough scope of employment in hotels, housing complexes, shopping malls, hospitals, resorts, and teaching both in India and abroad. These Green Experts will bring an impetus to greening activity all around. There are many green lovers who like to have their surroundings green but they are stuck because they do not have reliable experts for greening. Green Entrepreneurs will spring a green culture everywhere and make this Earth a better place to live on.

  1. 2. Environment Education Tours

Trips will be organised daily for 300 school children and botany students by bus as “Environment Education Study Tour.” Today children are spending most of their time at home and schools. Most of their time is spent on academic study and on TV, computers, mobiles, and internet. They hardly see the Sun or the Moon and have no opportunity to visit the countryside to see how our farmers are growing food for them.These trips will connect them with nature.  They will be taught about home gardening and develop love for nature. They will be inspired to live in harmony with Nature. An estimated 1,00,000 school children will be impacted every year. This activity is to reassure the next generation that we are worried about them. Imagine the rich dividend that this activity will entail by passing the message down to coming generations!


  1. Green Memorial Garden

There would be a Green Memorial Garden where people would be motivated to plant a tree of their choice in memory of their loved ones and on important days like birthday, winning day, wedding etc. There are many responsible citizens who would like to plant trees as their gift to nature but they cannot do so as they do not have open land of their own. This innovative garden will allocate land to them and they would be free to plant tree of their choice. They will be free to visit the site as their own and have the pleasure of seeing their tree growing and fruiting, and harbouring winged visitors.


  1. Excellent Eco-centre

The entire campus, with a theme oriented landscaping, will have beautiful grown up palms and trees all around the periphery along the 30 feet road and pathways.  Different blocks will be allocated to herbal medicinal garden, flowering tree garden, palm garden, spice garden, fruit orchard, palm grove, rain forest, mangrove forest, healing garden with walking tracks. This will be a pleasing spot for eco-tourism.


  1. Dispersal of Rare and Exotic Seeds and Plants

Since Green Paradise would have one of the largest variety of plants in its lap, there would be a division which would make available rare, exotic and native plants forvisitors, collectors and plant lovers to carry back home to all over India. This would enrich flora all over India. Also we shall make available special ready plants for exclusive landscapes and provide relevant information and expertise for carrying forward this planting activity as a mission.


  1. Organic Culture

Entire campus will have high class automated irrigation and organic fertigation system. Only organic fertilisers and vermi-compost will be used. We will alsoprovide experts on annual contracts basis for maintaining even private gardens.


  1. Individual Farm Houses

About 50 Acre would be earmarked for sale to private owners in blocks of 10000 sq. ft. with a developed and mature garden having 50 species of fruit plants, 20 types of spices, 25 species of fragrant flowers, and a kitchen garden with vegetables. It will be fully ready with road and pathways. Even irrigation, fertigation and maintenance would be taken care by Team Green Paradise. Owners will just have to enjoy pure and unpolluted nature, organic fruits and vegetables growing there.


Project Promoter

The project has already been started by our NGO which is committed totally to the cause of environment enrichment in many ways for the last 15years. Working silently, but wellknown to people for its dynamism and expertise in the subject matter and with matching funding it will be  able to offer Green Paradise to the mankind within a period of three years.

South 24 Paragans district of West Bengal does not have big industrial units but has a conducive climatic conditions for plantation. It would be highly ideal for Corporates to involve in this environmental project because environment is localised all over the world. The corporate world owes most to the environment and it would be their most sought after area. The farsighted among the corporates would definitely find this project highly adaptable as they would be able to get lot of mileage by making their contribution to this superb project which would enrich environment in multiple ways.

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