Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for acquiring a Slice at Green Paradise?

You get 14 Katha of freehold land registered in your name with right to common road to your Slice.

You get a ready mature garden on your land and space for making a house of your choice.

You get ready sewer and drainage connection.

You get one potable water connection at your Slice

Maintenance of garden and Security of your Slice would be taken care by team Green Paradise.

Why should I have a farm house so far away from Kolkata?

Nearer to city means more population, more pollution, more contaminated water and more local interference.

This location is serene. No industries or bazars in vicinity, peace loving Hindu surroundings and excellent road connectivity are most suitable for an ideal farm house.

What common amenities would be available to me?

You would have unhindered access to common road and lighting facilities.

You would also have access to common gardens, groves, parks and walking tracks.

Have I to pay for maintenance of garden and security?

You are free to have your own maintenance of garden and have your own security. If you want Green Paradise to take care of garden maintenance and security, then you have to make monthly payment.

From when shall I have to pay for garden maintenance and security?

Maintenance and security charges would be applicable only after handing over the possession and only if you opt for garden maintenance and security services.

Will there be any charges for other common facilities?

No, there would not be any extra charge for common facilities.

How can I go about with building of a house on my Slice?

You would be free to construct a house according to your requirement whenever you like after getting the possession. We shall provide suitable designs and if you like we shall undertake to build on your behalf subject to an overhead charge of 25%.

When can I get the possession of my Slice?

Handing over of slice would begin in 2018, however 100% completion of all facilities would be over by 2019 – 2020. You may take possession even before 100% completion on payment of full amount or wait till final stages.

How the process of Registration, Title Deed, Mutation etc. would be carried out?

Registration in your favour would be done by PRAKRITI BANDHU SOCIETY or from a third party depending on the situation. Cost of Registration would be borne by the buyer. Mutation is buyer’s responsibility, however we would provide full facilitation and assistance for Mutation.