­In February 2014, I had taken retirement from Green Mall and my Environmental Services. After writing “Palms for India” and “Green Your Surroundings” my desire was to complete my next book “Glories of India”. I wanted to bring in light all the concerned glorious history of the ancient world centering India; it seemed to be a voluminous task involving huge research activities,I decided to relinquish my assigned job relating to Environmentaland greening activities. I therefore shifted to Mount Abu in order to live in isolation and finish my work. But the series of tremor and earthquake badly effecting Nepal and our Northern parts of India from April 25 to May 12, 2015 made me to reconsider my earlier decision.The devastated natural calamities and the after effects on both environment and human race have terribly perturbed me so much so that I could hardly concentrate anything beyond that! A series of my painful sleepless nights have aroused me to convince creating more awareness about nature is most important & critical than writing the ancient glories of history of India which I had been working on!

My deepest sympathies with those who lost their lives, but the trauma developed amongst the affected people is much more concerning.  Multiple tremors lasting over a fortnight perturbed people including those living in high rise. Whenever there was a tremor residents were asked living the flat come to the ground by stairs. Lifts remained suspended. It terrified those living in multi-story apartments. A lot of negative and fearful thoughts were come up to their mind as to what would happen if anything goes wrong to the building. Cracks might have developed, lifts remained suspended. Buildings become unsafe and in such eventuality what would happen to their home. Where shall they take shelter? At this moment everyone is wishing had he have a piece of land of his own which would have been a big relief at this juncture.

Indeed, it is highly desirable for every family to have a separate piece of land of their own where they can spend weekends and holidays in harmony with nature. Where they can develop their own dream garden, grow their choicest vegetables with organic manure. They even cherish for small lily pool with lotus and colorful fishes moving around, had they have a small house on their own.

When I spoke to my friends I found that they too are very keen to have own piece of land in the countryside. They understand that investment on land shall be the best of all alternate. But they find it very difficult to face all the hassles involving acquiring a piece of land now a days in countryside. True, in Bengal, it is a difficult task to acquire a piece of land in countryside. Difficulties arise from getting a clear possession and erecting boundaries there of, encountering local Syndicate hooligans  and politicians.These are really all big hurdles. Complying all the given formalities including the condition slevied by the local Panchayat / Land Revenue Department are really a big discouragement to all concern. On top of all these, creating & maintaining a garden is become a great challenge.

Being inspired with the idea, I decided to use my skill of landscaping and gardening, as I have been living in countryside of Bengal and have a lot of experience in tackling such local issues. I definitely can provide a workable solutionon case to case basis to all those who interested to invest on land and make their own sensuous garden. I have located a couple of villages around Lakshmikantapur in south 24 parganas spreading nearly over 100 acres by the side of 30 feet wide road in a Hindu locality where there should not be any sort of trouble/bottle neck or threat of any kind from any corner. It is nearly 50 Kms from Kolkata. Smooth roads are there via D.H. Road & Kulpi Baruipur Road.

50% of land will be offered as private gardens to the individual and the rest 50% will be used for common facilities like road, lake, garden including the garden of fruit, spices, Palm Grove and Health & Naturopathy Centre. Private properties will be in blocks of 14 Cottahs (10080 Sq. feet). Each such block will have a matured Garden with tall Palms on boundary sides.Beautiful hedges shall fence as boundary wall on each block. There will be also fruit bearing trees like Mango, Jamun, Guava, Jackfruit, Cherry, Karonda, Pomegranate of best quality. There will be useful plants like curry leaf, neem, lemon, chilly, Tulsi etc. Each garden will be maintained by a professional team on nominal charges.

The entire project would be ready by 2020. Booking of garden and land has begun from January 2016.