A life in Harmony with Nature

A Hundred Acre serene eco-space free from all sorts of pollution,  apleasing nature’s paradise.

  • Landscaped with choicest tall palms & trees.
  • Clean Lakes and canals.
  • Wide roads and pathways.
  • Efficient drainage system.
  • Fruit Gardensladen with over 50 varieties of fruits.
  • Spice Garden with more than 25 varieties of spices.
  • Herbal Garden with over 200 types of medicinal plants.
  • Palm Garden with 200 types of native and exotic Palms.
  • Palm Groves with Foxtail & Royal Palm.
  • Tropical Rain Forest and Walkway.
  • Birds and Butterfly Park.
  • Mangrove Forest with Water Palms.
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