An Environmental Initiative by Prakriti Bandhu Society (NGO)

Green Paradise shall be the ultimate destination to those selective celebrities who really care and love to live in harmony with nature. Even it will be worthy for  short-stay being away from  busy routine/schedule or holidaying a few days with friends and relation or spending weekends along with dear and near ones in own spacious county home purposely built and developed not very far from the madding crowd of city life. Green Paradise shall be facilitated with all the modern amenities of hi-tech supportive cosmopolitan culture maneuvring to cater the delicate need of the conscious netizens spreading all over the globe.

The Green Paradise project is not only time bound but carefully planned, organised and developed by such a proven personality who has fondly travelled on his personal capacity a little over 60 countries (Sixty) in the world just to satisfy his cherished passion and translate his dream into reality. He is Dinesh Rawat, the great Green Miracle Man. He learnt by heart all the basics what are considered to be prerequisite to lead a meaningful life.

Keeping all the above in view, the theme of the project suitably named ‘Green Paradise’ is welcomed by one and all, since all the basic requirements are entirely taken care of and extended to all the plot owner selectively chosen to settle over there. Each and every such plot on 14 Katha land shall be sold out rightly in favour of the plot owner in entirely developed condition so much so that immediately on possession and after competition of all the required formality with the local administration, the plot owner can start the desired construction for which such plot so acquired.


The entire 100 Acre project land shall be duly demarcated and developed stage wise within a span of 2 years. It is located in a village named Bhagawatipur adjacent town of Lakshmikantapur– well connected with both railways and roadways. Railway link lines with Lakshikantapur are there from Sealdah south section. While roadways are either through Diamond Harbour road via Thakurpukur-Kulpi then on Baruipur-Sonarpur; or, through Eastern metropolitan bye pass to Baruipur-Sonarpur. The total distance from Kolkata metropolis is roughly 50 Kms with spacious road link on either side. Again, the location of Bhagawatipur is around 3 Km off Lakshmikantapur railway station / town bazar facilitated run with local bus and three wheeler auto services.

  1. The total area of the project “Green Paradise” is 100 acre (4320000sq.ft) out of 50 acre is earmarked for common area to be developed phase wise while the balance 50 acre is left for residential purpose and to be distributed on first come first serve basis.
  2. Individual plot with developed garden shall be of 14 Katha (10080 sq. ft.) each.
  3. Roadways/pathways shall be appropriately developed in due course for running vehicles including two wheeler to facilitate the needs of the visitors and members of the society.
  4. The entire Water bodies shall be carefully developed to facilitate the dwellers maintaining adequate ecological balance and eco-friendly environmental condition.
  5. Building of the Green Paradise Institute shall regularly run various tailor-made courses exclusively designed for various career development programmes to the local youth including maintenance of the community project as well.
  6. Residence and hostel shall be suitably developed catering the need of the personnel associated with the institute and other bodies of the society.
  7. The Office Auditorium shall be developed to facilitate the day to day administration of the society to a great extent.
  8. The Parking Space for vehicle shall be built and developed just to cater the growing need of the society and the members.
  9. The Naturopathy Centre shall be developed just to provide the total health and hygiene to the members. Naturopathy centre is a must for today’s modern dwellers.
  10. The Herbal and Medicinal garden shall be developed full-fledged selecting various herbal and medicinal plant all over the world to make it a global standard. All need base assistance shall be had from this garden in due course.
  11. The Fruit and Spice garden shall be built in different location per requirement of the members separately.
  12. The Flowering tree gardens of different varieties shall beplanted / transplanted and developed according to the space and necessity of the members of the society. That will be benefited to all the nature lovers and for overall beautification of the entire area to make spectacular in due course.
  13. Palm and cycads garden with selective and exotic variety shall bring a phenomenal change of the entire environment. They shall definitely help add feathers to the crown of Green Paradise.
  14. The specific Palm grove shall be built with selective verity. They shall satisfy the aesthetic need of the nature lover to a great extent and maintain their overall health in due course.
  15. Play Ground shall be developed in neighbourhood as per requirement of the society.
  16. Children Park shall be built up at a different location and appropriately in accordance with the population of the community.
  17. Naturopathy Walking Path shall be built up and demarcated for the well-being of the members.

Besides the above, there shall be adequate provisions for swimming pool, healing path, badminton court, cricket pitch, gym, club, community hall and medical centre.All such facilities shall be run through Green Paradise Society duly registered under Society Act to cater the various needs of the members and their family.