Don’t you like to own a Garden

Where your family can breathe fresh air in the lap of pure nature
Where you can grow organic fruits and vegetables
A countryside where you can go for a long drive on holidays
Where you can even spend leisurely weekends and holidays

We know you like to own a garden BUT….
You have no time to look around for a land at countryside
How to go about with documentation and registration
Even if you acquire land, you are not sure how land would have to be developed
Even if land is developed, local problems can arise while fencing the land
Even if you come over fencing problem, creating a garden is a difficult and time taking process
Don’t know where to buy plants and how to get dependable gardeners
Even if garden is created in years, who would maintain it?
Who would ensure security and see that fruits and vegetables are not stolen.

Team Green Mall has a solution for you…at GREEN PARADISE
You can own a fully secured beautiful ready garden on 10000 sq. ft land
With 50 types of fruits, all seasonal vegetables and fragrant flowers
Garden would be within 100 Acre nicely landscaped campus of GREEN PARADISE
Your private garden also would be maintained by Team Green Mall
So claim ultimate reward of life, book a Slice of GREEN PARADISE

An Environmental Initiative by Prakriti Bandhu Society (NGO)

Your Slice will have all these features

Lily Pond

Lily Pond would be designed with rockery and fount air depth would be 6 feet and would have ornamental fish, Lotus and Nymphia alongwith several water loving plants.

Fragrant Garden

Fragrant Garden will have Har Shringar (Seuli), Gardenia, Raat ki Rani, Dolon Champa, Plumeria, Molsari (Bakul), Swet Champa, Swarna

Fruits Garden

Fruits Garden will have Mango (5 varieties), Jamun, Jackfruit, Guava (3 varieties), Lichu, Chiku (Safeda), Orange, Mousambi, Cherry, Bel (Wood apple), Malayan apple.

Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden will have beds for growing Coriander, Mint spinach etc. useful plants like Curry leaves, Chilies, Lime, Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Tej Patta, All spice, Payes pata, Cinna mom.


A lush green  lawn with Mexican grass. Lawn would be maintained on regular basis by Green Mall team.

Road & Pathways

Road & Pathways will be sidelined with hedge plants. Entire periphery of every slice would have grown up palm trees and boundary line would be created with heading shrubs.